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Well! How about today? I ... Pearl! if so you can say and not sound crappy XD I want totell me if you want to make an entry in particular, a novel, that has my things, which tellof the famous or something ... if not make .... good! no progress! better in silence ...shhhh! The novel ... I start now!

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Hello! I really like Selena Gomez, as you know, and I wanted to make a collage that Ilove it! give me your opinion? I love it! I think I was good but ... a little ... not ... well ...look!

selSelena Gomez: I'm not perfect

Selena Gomez said to be a normal girl to a recent interview where he also talkedabout what's next in the new season of his show. So also admitted doing nothingexciting, and remarked that he would like to be known for his work, not his personal life.This was said when questioned about the fall of the young stars.
'I have mistakes, I always say to my fans. I'm not perfect but I try to be. It's something I try to convey "the singer said.
Without doubt this is referred to withhold criticism of the current situation in her friend Demi Lovato, as well as in the scandals that go stuck other Disney stars.

ashley greeneAshley Greene: Miley Cyrus is a phenomenon.

Instead of answering questions about his relationship with Joe Jonas, Ashley Greenethis time focused on talking about Miley Cyrus. As recalled, the actress' Twilight Saga'worked with the Disney star in the film' LOL: Laughing Out Loud. "
Speaking rescued by 'MTV News', said Greene did not feel surprised that MileyCyrus will grab attention while shooting the film, for he realized what had been thescope of the also singer in the world of entertainment.
'Miley is a phenomenon - she has achieved so much in film, television and music thatis not surprising that attracted much attention while we were filming, "said the star of'Twilight Saga '.
Ashley Greene added that she and Miley Cyrus were always focused on his work:"Both are professionals and we understand that we are there to do our job. That hasbeen our priority and everything else has been a fond.

Zac Efron does not want to return with Vanessa Hudgens

Although there have been rumors that Zac Efron many could have started anotherrelationship after his relationship with co-star of "High School Musical" has finished it appears that Zac's main goal now is to be and play alone, as revealed by a sourceclose to the star.

Zac Efron was seen very well accompanied by co-star of "The Lucky One" TaylorSchilling after breaking things with his "High School Musical" co-star VanessaHudgens. However, the source said that their relationship is not romantic, though. They also insist that the couple, Zac and Vanessa mantien a special relationship is rumoredthat they could return, but Zac has left the rumors currently making sure that only wants to be alone and enjoy your friends, but without a partner.

WooOooW! Sue Jonas Brothers Justin Bieber by JB! The Jonas Brothers have sued Justin Bieber ... why? The initials JB. The trio of brothers believed to have the exclusive use of the same and so have decided to take legal action against the Canadian singer to forbid him from using those initials.
Kevin, Joe and Nick say they are entitled to use them because their musical career started earlier, while Justin Bieber believes that the use of initials is something legitimate that would not harm in any way the Jonas Brothers. 
The brothers shot to fame thanks to the Disney factory and this claim is backed by this great entertainment empire. This important issue would affect the merchandising market that exists behind the artists. However, Justin Bieber also has a great support that comes after the success and counts as a mentor and friend to Usher. 
On the subject person, Justin Bieber is romantically linked with another Disney girl Selena Gomez, star of Wizards of Waverly Place. The girl, 18, was the child bride of the Jonas Brothers, Nick, 18, who is currently dating Samantha Barks, his partner in the London musical Les Miserables. The young do not care about her former relationship with Bieber and is glad it found a new love. News wait to see how it settles the dispute between the young stars.